Dr. Stuart S. Malawer, J.D., Ph.D. Distinguished Service Professor of Law and International Trade, George Mason University.

Dispute Resolution Case Study 


     The establishment and development of the dispute system has been historical. The Dispute Resolution System has considered and decided a range of cases. They have often raised the issue of implementation and sanctions. The dispute resolution system has become a critical aspect of the WTO and global trade relations in the last ten years. This semester we will focus on U.S. - China trade litigation.  We now have about 20 years of history concerning trade issues between the two largest national economies (and almost 25 years since the founding of the WTO) and the most important bilateral trade relations we have. 


               Please include the following in your presentation:


  • The history and context of the case.
  • Very briefly describe all prior proceedings. Focus on the most recent proceeding as well as the business and political context of the case.
  • The main WTO issue (in the most recent proceeding).The position of the main parties. The decision (recommendation) of the panel and / or the Appellate Body.
  • The contested issue of U.S. or foreign law or practice involved. 
  • The specific WTO agreement and specific provisions involved.  (Name the agreement, identify the provisions and quote or paraphrase it.)
  • Remember -- The basic issue is the consistency of the contested national act with  WTO obligations. Are they consistent or are they inconsistent?
  • What has happened concerning implementation and sanctions if any.
  • Your proposal for resolving the trade issues or if it is already decided your observations concerning the dispute in the context of the global trading system.
 Each team presentation should be about 25 minutes. Please leave 10 minutes or so for Q & A. Copies need to be submitted  electronically by 5 p.m. the evening before the presentation. Please provide the instructor with a hard copy at the time of the presentation. Each presentation should have 15 - 20 slides. [This is an interesting website concerning WTO Case Studies (EUI) as well as] (See also, Malawer "Synthesis of 9 US-China WTO Cases." (Spring 2018).


Team # 1

   U.S. - China (Rare Earths) (DS 431) (AB 2014).








Team # 2



China - U.S. (Tires) (DS 399) (AB 2011)                                 




Team # 3



China v. U.S. (Various Products from China) (DS 449) (AB 2014).





Team # 4



 U.S. - China (Enforcement of IPR) (DS 362) (Panel 2009)

Sidibe     Presentation